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Arkansas free dental clinic May 8 & 9

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 in response to   there is a christian clinic every 1 and 3rd thursday of the month in dardenalle, u can find there number on the internet it is called River valley christian clinic, i think it is based on income. Mybe this will be of some help.
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im 29yrs old and a single mother of 2,ive been tryin to find a dental clinic to take payment plans or free help..i am in the hospital 6 times or more and yr,cause of abcess teeth , they are breakin off and i stay sick.ive never been on drugs,my denist yrs ago told me i had paradonal desiese.please can someone let me know where to go or what to do.thanks

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Cassie Minor
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There are very limited resources for adults in AZ. I would suggest you contact your local health department to seek resources. Please let me know what you find. In addition, it would be great if you wanted to be the organizer for change in your state.

You could submit pleas (petitions) to a few places to get your dental community moving. Let them know that people are in need of help.
            Arizona Dental Foundation
            3193 N Drinkwater
            Scottsdale, AZ 85251-6491 To leave a message for the DDS Coordinator, call
            480-850-1474 or 1-866-340-4337

Also, you can contact your state legislators for help. I am still seeking resources for you, so be encouraged. It may take some doing, but we'll get it done.


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Does anyone know of low income or free clinics in Conway, AR area.. My family doesn't have any extra money but I need to have some work done on my teeth something major, since having my little girl I've had 2 teeth pulled and now have 3 broken teeth. This is just in the past almost 3 years. I have no clue who to contact or where to go, All I do know is my mouth is killing me the pain is getting bad..



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